Frequently asked questions

1. What is Hejme?
With Hejme, you rent your place, not just an apartment. We provide you everything you need to get you started: water, heating and internet. We can also arrange your electrity contract. Your apartment will be painted and have lighting fixtures as well as curtains in place. We’re providing fixed elements such as a coat rack and a mirror as well so you don’t need a handyman or any tools to move in. Just bring your stuff.
2. Who can apply?
Everyone looking for a hassle-free experience
3. How can I book my place?
Go to and complete the online registration process. We will screen your documents and if everything is okay, your place is booked.
4. How much does it cost?
Pricing for your apartment depends on the size of your apartment, and is in range with similar offerings on the market. Additionally, a service package will complement the rent of your apartment.
5. What is included in the (mandatory) services?
We have a starter package including Heating, Water and Wifi consumption billed monthly and overconsumption billed yearly. We are preparing a list of additional service to book (and pay off course) later on.
6. How do I know I'm paying a fair price for the services?
We buy collectively our utility contracts, so you don’t have that hassle anymore. The buliding itself is brand new, well isolated and the maintenance of the central heating installation is included. We guarantee that you don’t pay more on a yearly base than in your former apartment.
7. Will additional services be added in the future?
Definitely. We aim to implement numerous additional services. Among them are:

  • mobility services: bike sharing and occasional use of underground parking (for you or your visitors)
  • convenience services: get your washing and drycleaning done by depositing your laundry in the Bringme box, get housekeeping whenever you want and let them acces remotely via the smart lock, or schedule a handyman
  • furnishings: renting for only a short period of time and don’t want to buy your furnishings? We aim to offer leasing options

Our ideas are endless. We’ll reach out to our users and integrate the services that are most wanted.

8. How to deal with checkin/check out
To check in to your apartment you will have to read through and agree to the document of the inbound expertise by signature. Once you have signed this document and have proven you have paid rental guarantee, fire insurance and first month of rent as told in the rental agreement we can hand you the keys of the apartment. When it is time to check out of your apartment we will make an outbound expertise where we note any changes or any damages compared to the inbound expertise, when we have both signed this document you hand us the keys and check out is completed.
9. Can I make changes in my apartment?
No, you can’t. You only have to bring in your own stuff and you don’t have to bother about finishing works.
10. Can I terminate before it's term?
Yes, check the contractual conditions for the term of notice.
11. Are pets allowed?
Yes, bring your pets along, as long as they don’t pollute
12. Wat if I exceed my energy limit?
We’re monitoring your use and will reach out to you as soon as you would exceed the limits of your bundles. If you exceed your bundle on yearly basis, additional charges may apply
13. Are the railings for the curtains fixed?
Yes, they are.
14. What is included in the apartment?
Every apartment is RTR or Ready-To-Rent, wich means the walls are painted and the apartment has a basic pack of furnishment including: lighting armatures (all LED), curtain railings with included curtains, railings for decorative frames, mirror and hanger at the entrance, towel rack and toilet paper holder at the bathroom, towel rack at the bathroom, storage racks in the storage and easy to maintain plants in the flower pot on your terrasse.
15. Are we allowed to drill holes in the wall so we can hang some decorative items?
No, you are not allowed to drill holes but we have fixed railings so you can hang your decorative items on a wire.
16. What's the duration of the rental agreement?
We work with a rental agreement wich has a standard duration of three years.
17. Is it possible to rent an extra storage unit?
Yes it is! It costs 10 EUR/Month + 2 EUR/Month additional charges
18. Is it possible to change the rent during our stay?
No it isn’t, it is only possible to index your monthly rent.
19. What's the difference between trashcan 1 and trashcan 2?
There isn’t one, these are 2 of the same just for the different buildings.
20. Is it free to store your bike at a #Hejme apartment?
Yes it is completely free.
21. Will the landlord install lighting fixtures?
Yes, we will.
22. Will the landlord install curtain railings?
Yes, we will even hang curtains.
23. Can we rent a parking spot in the building?
Yes, it will cost 80 EUR/Month + 20 EUR/Month additional charges
24. Does the entire amount need to be transferred on the account of the landlord or is there a different account where we have to deposit the cost of the services?
There will be two accounts, one for the lease and one for the services. This will be clarified in the final Hejme-agreement
25. Can you explain the "kapitalisatie bon" as spoken in Art. 8 please?
Korfine is mandatory, as stated in the Hejme-agreement. This is a capitalisation bond which compounds the interests every year and is underwritten under the name of the renter.
26. What's the amount of the deposit rental guarantee?
The amount of the rental gurantee is equal to three months of rent. The first deposit is one month of rent and there is a seperate guarantee of 500 EUR for the services. This will all be clearly visualised in the first invoice.
27. What's the cost for the in- and outbound expertise?
360 EUR for an in- and outbound expertise. We will arrange, through checknet (korfine), to find an expert who will execute the expertise.
28. How about taxes in Sint-Jans Molenbeek?
Only applicable if the renter places its domicile. The exact amount can be checked online on government websites.
29. Does there need to be a tenant liability insurance?
Yes, this is also agreed on in our rental agreement and is to protect you aswell as us when there happens to be a fire,…
30. What if I start my rental agreement at the 15th of a month, do I need to pay half the rent of this month?
No, your rental agreement will state you started the 15th and every new month will start the 15th. You won’t experience anything except for a different starting date.
31. Guarantee of 500euro needs to be paid before the delivery of the services start , is different of the deposit - guarantee fro the apartment ?
Yes, this is a deposit for the services and has to be paid, just like the Korfine capitalisation bond for the lease, before the Hejme agreement can officially start.
32. Could you give an example about liability?
As explained in the Hejme-agreement, we foresee a liability clause stating a.o. (1) a joint and several liability (if there is a second person who rents and uses the services, this second person is also liable); (2) art 544 BW stating the liability for not causing annoyance towards neighbours; (3) damage restitution is cumulative and so on.
33. Is it possible to get the Hejme agreement in my mother language?
We have the Hejme agreement available in Dutch, English and French.